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Improving and Winning the Best Achievement
--Introduction of Developing Yuxi No 3 Middle School.
  Yuxi No 3 Middle School is onse of the senior school which are the second class of the top grade in Yunnan. In 1994, it was the first for all county school to become the top-grade complete schools in Yunnan.In 1999,it was elected “a National Pioneer School of PE and Hygiene “ by Educational Department and Physical Educational Department. “Modern Educational Technical Experimental Middle School “ was approved by Educational Department in 2000. No 3 Middle School was established 30 years ago. Form then on it won wide recognition in the society because of its admiring success and special management.

  “Seize any opportunity and improve the conditions” said the headmaster. In August,1997,the school was moved to the present address. The government of HongTa region decided to separate the school into the senior and junior .In August, 1998, According to the spirit of the outline-Reform and Development of Chinese Education (ZhuKaixuan who was former director of Chinese Educational Department got to inspect our school). Considering the conditions of developing and school history at present in Yuxi, the government took advanced measures and managed to make the school be the best one in a short time .

  Information centre and electrical audio-visual aids center play the important role in improving the school conditions .The school sets by using the TV sets. Teaching boradcasting, school network, multi-media,communication network in two centres. Information center enters the internet (international network) by ADSI in the library 15 electrical reading rooms which contains more than 1000 videos connect with internet .in the gymnasium there are swimming pool gymnastics hall, basket-ball and volleyball court, art classroom and so on. “The School Wind” is the complex publication which the school publish compositions of the students and the teaching theses of the teachers.

  'Internal High Qualities and Standard Administration” is an administration concept of our school. The administration system “Clear Division of Responsibility with Democratic Mangerment“ has been considered as one of the school administration charateristics by Yunnan Educational Committee. ”clear Division of Responsibility” forms a crisscross network of running the school, which refers to "Headmaster--vice--Hedmaster--heads of Departments -- the Staffs” and “Teaching Affairs Office--Political Education Office -- Rear Service Office”. In the school everyone is required to be conscientious about one's work. ''Democratic Management '' means that No.3 Middle School insists on having its own office meetings by headmaster, Party-administration joint meeting, school affairs committee members meentings ,at which general affairs are deal with and leading decisions are made, while some everyday school affairs can be done at administration meetings and correlative departments meetings, Besides the school year work statements and school leaders' work reports are discussed at the staffs representatives meetings, along with the staffs giving suggestions, or criticisms. According to our actual requirement,the school leaders ,early or late, have worked out 108 rules and regulations and particular lists for the evaluation of the staffs performances All these have created a pleasant working atmosphere for the staffs.In 1999,Headmaster Liu ZHi yong was elected one of the most excellent leaders by Yunnan Educational Trade Union Committee.The school was also considered as one of the 100 advanced schools with democratic management by China Educational Trade Union Committee.

  Educational scientific research and enhancing teacher’s quality. No.3 middle school is always devoted itself to the model of teachers’ modern educational sense. and the application of modern educational technolpgy. In the school plans of recent years ,17 key teachers have been sent to HuaDong Normal Univertity for further study. 27 have taken the post graduated course; 1 has finished training for national key teachers, 1 for provicial training and 4 for city training. By teaching researches, teaching experiments and teaching inspections, the teaching senses of teachers have been changed greatly with the modern development. All the teachers have taken on active part in the course for studying computer orgaimzed by the school..They have applied educational technology to their teaching practice .At the same time, some apecial subject researches have been done by the teachese in teaching research groups.There have been 17 subjects reported .5 provincial subjects have been checked and accepted by the experts in July ,2002; two subjects have won the first prize for science and technology in Hongta oistrict ,two more subjects the second prize. Teachers’ablity in educational scientific research have been greatly improved.

  In recent years,Yuxi No.3 Middle School has made rapid progress in many fields The rate of entering colleges and universities reached 89.87 in 2002.What is more, the rate of entrollees by the key universities increased by a big margin. The school obtained historic breakthrough . The teachers have published 38 articles in The national publications,70 in provicial publications and 47 in city publications .The school was listed as an experimental base of Educational and Scientific Research of Yunnan Normal University in 1999,and was also classfied as the same name by Yuxi Educational and Scientific Institute. Yuxi No.3 Middle School has become more and more famous inside Yunnan Province and has been regarded as a model school in Yuxi as well.

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